The Austrian band Jacobs Moor was founded by Richard Krenmaier, Johnny Sommerer and Rainer Lidauer. Richard Krenmaier is already well known by metal fans throughout Europe as the singer of the Power Metal band Stygma IV.

In autumn 2013 the trio finished producing their debut album “All That Starts”.

At the same time the live line-up was completed with Johannes Pichler and Rupert Träxler on guitars and Stephan Först on bass. Rupert and Stephan are already well known in the mid-European Progressive Metal scene through their work with Circle Of Illusion (

The band produced their first video of the song „Faceless Man“ which was filmed and edited by René Huemer ( who is also Jacobs Moor’s live-photographer. After months of rehearsing the band played a highly acclaimed album-release-concert in Upper Austria and began building their fan community. Some live videos can be found under VIDEO or on our YouTube channel.

In June 2014 Jacobs Moor have signed a digital distribution deal with Bleeding Star Records. „All That Starts“ is available on iTunes, Amazon, Spotify and almost every well-known online store worldwide. The CD can be ordered here: SHOP

“All That Starts” got great reviews all over the world, check them out in our PRESS section.

In February 2015 Jacobs Moor got honored with an Austrian Newcomer Award and played at the award presentation in the big music theatre in Linz. Besides many club gigs the band supported the legendary US-Thrash/Speed Metal pioneers Flotsam And Jetsam in Vienna.

In November 2015 “The Evil In Me” has been released, an EP with two new songs and four live songs, which were recorded at the live-debut/album release concert in April 2014. The EP was introduced to the fans at three concerts; one has been filmed again, go to VIDEO and check out the live videos of the songs "The Evil In Me" and "Away". “The Evil In Me” has already got very good reviews worldwaide again. Order "The Evil In Me": SHOP

In 2016 Jacobs Moor have only played a few concerts because recording and producing the 2nd longplay album was the main goal. Besides working on the upcoming album, the band has released the video of the song “New Tomorrow”.

  In spring 2017 Jacobs Moor have finished producing their 2nd longplay album “Self”. The album has been produced by the band members themselves again, mastering was made by Tony Lindgren at Fascinationstreet Studios in Sweden. Tony is a well-known mastering engineer in the Metal scene, he has a lot of great credits, for example James LaBrie, Kreator, Leprous, Paradise Lost and Sepultura. The album sounds awesome, high-quality cover artwork and photos reflect the dark, energetic and aggressive vibes of the music.

On September 15 a lyric video of the song “Watching Atrocities” - the opener of the new album – has been released. A small edition of CDs has been released on October 20 and is available in the SHOP.

So far “Self” has got even better reviews than the debut album and the last EP, all reviews are listed in the PRESS section.

In autumn 2017 Jacobs Moor have been touring Austria’s club scene to promote the new album. In spring 2018 the band will continue touring and promoting the new album. Digital release and hopefully the release of a small edition of vinyl are coming in autumn 2018.

Stephan Först plays elixir bass strings exclusively.

Rainer Lidauer plays Mapex drums, Sabian cymbals, Vic Firth drumsticks, Aquarian drumheads, Audix microphones, SIB Systems Internal Micing Brackets and Skygel Damper pads exclusively.